Momiko Nabeshima
Momiko Nabeshima
StatusAlive (As Shibito)
AppearancesForbidden Siren 2
Voice ActorTomomi Watanabe

Momiko Nabeshima (鍋島 揉子 Nabeshima Momiko?) is a character in Forbidden Siren 2.


Taken in from different eras by Mother's power, the Shibito-turned Nitaka and Momiko—perhaps due to the intervention of the human feelings of their shells—fall in love at first sight. However, soon afterwards the countless Yamirei pouring fourth from the Netherworld begin to attack the Shibito, and Momiko is taken by a cruel Yamibito. After Ichifuji's desperate rescue efforts, the loving couple safely escape from the captured abandoned housing complex (from extra scenario, 7:00 "Memento").


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